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Impacting Eternity

Robert M. Reach

Robert M. Reach began foreign mission work in 1965, training under Dr. Donald McGavran for two summers. Robert then completed college, earned a master’s degree, married, and started a family. Robert traveled to sixty-five countries, ministering to national pastors and church leaders, some more than fifty times. Later in life, he began researching people movements and developed a pilot project in SE Asia. Now with more than 1.5 million disciples of Jesus from various religious backgrounds, Robert has learned the fundamentals of how to initiate, facilitate, develop, and multiply a self-funding, self-propagating, and self-governing mass people movement of disciples of Jesus Christ.

Robert published a book describing his research and the results named “Movements That Move”. This book tells the story of 5 years of interviews and surveys of over 5,000 leaders in several nations engaged in movement work. Initially, Robert sat with the primary leaders of this mission’s strategy, spending days listening to their ideas, stories, and advice. From these extensive sessions with leaders in various countries, he developed a list of over one hundred questions and started surveying the house church leaders. During the research work, Robert worked with a Ph.D. consultant, who later became a tenured professor of marketing at the University of Texas Arlington, and with his help a few iterations of the survey questions were developed. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, more profound research than the traditional mission approach of doing case studies, Robert found seven best practices that had a strong chance of impacting the outcomes of the number of baptisms and house churches developed.

This book and these seven practices are the foundation of the success of Robert’s movement work. His second book, “Impacting Eternity: A Practitioner’s Guide for Sustained Movement Expansion,” builds on these principles and gives practical instructions on how mass movements are grown and sustained.

Robert M. Reach brilliantly weaves his extensive field experience with Biblical foundations. He gives the readers an overview of movements thinking using stories and illustrations that have worked over the decades.

Steve Addison

Movements Catalyst, Author of five books

Robert advocates empowering new believers to take ownership of evangelism and discipleship within their cultural context. I commend this book to those wanting to come alongside new believers and leaders in a manner that may result in a movement, so that they, in turn, can "get out of the way" as the Lord brings the increase.

Myron F. Goodwin, PhD

Missions Pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin, TN

If you desire a real firsthand feel of what Jesus is up to in cities, villages, neighborhoods, and families around the globe-through faithful disciple makers on the ground-you need to read Robert M. Reach's Impacting Eternity.

Dave Buehring

Founder and President, LionshareAuthor, A Discipleship Journey

Impacting Eternity

We’ve heard stories about disciple-making movements that are sweeping the globe, transforming the way people are coming to Christ in places like Asia, western Africa, and South America. We’ve learned specific principles and strategies to encourage such movements. If only we had a book that combined empirical research with established missiological practice. Now we do.

Movements That Move

After years of extensive statistical research along with personal experience in facilitating a church planting movement, Robert M. Reach uncovered the Seven Root Principles that produce movement growth. Based on these root principles, Movements that Move provides concrete instruction on how to implement the principles, how to start a movement and how to cultivate it.

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